Firstly and foremost, THANK YOU!

I am truly honored that you have asked me to photograph your wedding!
Being able to share in and capture the pure joy that you will experience with your nearest and dearest on your big day is such a special privilege. 

Now that you've locked in a date and you're starting to make some solid plans, you've no doubt realised that there are quite a few layers to this whole wedding planning gig! Below are some tips to help you get the most out of your wedding photography.

And don't forget, you can ask me any questions along the way!

You've got this xo 

P H O T O G R A P H Y  T I M E L I N E

There are no rules when it comes to your big day and photography coverage, however below is a guide as to what I think works well when it comes to capturing your wedding day story;  

~ Groom prep - 30 - 45mins

~ Bride prep - 1 hour

~ Pre-ceremony/guests arrive  - 30mins

~ Ceremony - however long it takes! 

~ Congratulations/hugs + kisses - 15mins

~ Family photos - 20 - 30mins

~ Bridal party portraits - 20mins

~ Bride and Groom portraits - 40mins

~ Venue styling/detail photos - 10mins (sometime before guests are seated) 

~ Reception - 2 - 3 hours.

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I need to let you in on a little secret.... Everything looks better at golden hour! 
Golden hour is the hour(ish) before the sun sets when the light becomes softer, warmer in colour and gives an incredible glow. It's hands down my favourite light to work with. In fact a lot of the photos you've seen on my site have been taken during this time. My biggest tip is therefore to allocate time for portraits during golden hour. 

No drama if your portrait session is going to be before this "golden hour" window, your photos will still be fabulous, but just note we'll most likely be looking for locations with shade.

If your wedding is during daylight savings, and therefore golden hour is going to be taking place when your party is well and truly underway, I'd recommend allowing 10 minutes during your reception to step out for a few portraits during this golden hour window.

You can calculate when golden hour will be on your wedding day here … www.b-roll.net/goldenhour/generate.php

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Lighting is key to great photographs so if possible, consider the following ceremony times; 

~ Daylight Savings Weddings ~
5:00-6pm to avoid brightness, heavy shadows under eyes, extreme heat, squinting, sweating guests & allow good timing for your portrait session afterwards. 

There's absolutely no problem if you're planning an earlier outdoor ceremony, however I'd strongly recommend sourcing a shady location to avoid the harsh brightness and squinty eyes. 

 ~ Non Daylight Savings Weddings ~
2:30-3pm, to make sure we don’t end up in the dark for your portrait session.

A great (rough) guideline is to set your Ceremony time around 2 to 2.5 hours before sunset. 

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If possible, allocate at least 45 mins - 1 hour for a portrait session on your wedding day.
This can be before (first look) or after the ceremony, or can even be broken up into sections throughout your day. 
Allocating an hour will ensure that we get a bunch of relaxed, beautiful and creative portraits as well as a chance for you to have a little down time to yourself. 
If you have a bridal party, we will have portraits of you all together for a portion at the start (approximately 20 minutes), after which time, we'll send them back to join the party while you spend the rest of the portrait session as a couple (approximately 40 minutes). 

If possible, plan your portrait session 1 - 1.5 hour before sunset.

As mentioned above, If this simply isn't possible due to the timing of your day, please consider stepping out of your reception for a 15 minute stroll (close to the venue), to get a couple of photos during golden hour. I promise you won't regret it!  

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P O R T R A I T  L O C A T I O N S

While I am more than happy to source interesting spots for your portrait session on the day  and make suggestions during the planning process, please note that I do not ‘location scout’ prior to the wedding day.

Also, the responsibility of contacting locations prior to the day to check for permits, access, back up plans etc. is yours.

Also, don't forget about a reliable wet weather back up plan!! At the very least grab a bunch of clear brollies for you and your bridal party!. 

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F A M I L Y  P H O T O S

I want to make sure that everyone you love is included in your photos.

Group and family photos are best done straight after the ceremony while all your guests are together.

I usually recommend allowing 20 minutes for every 10 family photo combinations.

The key to formal family photos is PREPARATION!!  Know beforehand exactly which groups you want photographed, make a list in a logical order and give that list to a guest on either side of the family who can help organise everyone.

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P O S T   W E D D I N G  

In the week following your wedding, I'll do my absolute best to send you a few sneak peek photos from your day. I'll probably post a few photos on instragram too so keep an eye out! 

Eight weeks following your day you will receive a link to your full downloadble gallery of between 500 - 800 high res edited images. Feel free to share these with family and friends. You'll have access to this link for 4 weeks. 

A USB with the high-resolution images will then arrive in your letter box within 10 weeks.



Nothing excites me more than to see photographs printed, displayed and enjoyed in a home. We live in such a digital world or hard drives, USB's and cloud storage (which is ace for storing 27,000 iPhone photos from the last 15 years), however your wedding day memories shouldn't be stored in the back of a drawer or wherever that cloud is, they should be shared and enjoyed by your family and love ones now and for generations!

I would love to make you a wedding album! 

My fine art books are 10" x 10", with a gorgeous embossed hard cover with flat-lay seamless spreads and feature 100 of your favourite images across 50 pages.

And I know this is about to get all salesie, but.... I would love to offer you a 10% off discount if you order your book before your wedding day. The discount also apply's to subsequent copies. (Books are usually $1400 and copies are $950)

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W H A T   H A P P E N S   N E X T ?

Your photography is now booked! (YAY!)

I’m here for you if you want to touch base at any time to chat about your plans. You can reach me at hello@elsacampbellphotography.com or call me during business hours on 0417287900

If we don't speak beforehand, look out for your online questionnaire/run sheet in your inbox 6 weeks prior to your wedding day. Please complete it and return it to me as soon as possible, but no later than 7 days before the big day.  

This is a magical time! Enjoy every second of it!

See you soon,

Elsa xo