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I’m Elsa and I’m addicted to catching ‘that feeling’.

You know the one – it’s the one that makes your heart ache with happiness. It’s the one that makes you cry at other people’s weddings. The one that leaves your metaphorical cup full-to-brimming.

For your wedding? Maybe it’s your partner’s glinting eyes, your ‘I told you Aunty June would bring out that dance move’ glance, your guest’s head-thrown-back laugh, that beautiful light. That’s my buzz – that’s why I do what I do.

I’m not about ‘creating’ moments; I’m all about capturing the ones that are already happening (though I WILL add, I’m not afraid to nudge that moment a little closer TOWARDS that beautiful light – discretely of course.)

I don’t have a preferred ‘type’ of wedding to photograph – after all, it’s your day and it’s your uniqueness, your details, your guests and your love that makes the day what it is. I’m there to capture those moments that keep you forever connected to that day. 


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